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Poupehan 800m:
A quiet holiday village situated on the banks of the Semois in the south of the Belgium Ardennes.
Poupehan has a beautiful church, a Maria chapel in a cave and an old wash-house you can visit.

During the 19th century until World War I the washerwomen from Poupehan cleaned the laundry for the people of Sedan. They used to do the laundry in the Semois, but around 1900 they did their laundry in one of the two wash-houses in the village. Only one is still standing. Poupehan was, and still is, known for the softness of its water.

Poupehan was also known for its tobacco, the island use to be a tobacco field. Unfortunately there are not many places left where tobacco is still grown, but the drying sheds keep the memories alive. Now a days these drying sheds are sometimes being used to store timber.

There are 2 car routes "Route du tabac", you can find more information in the tourist office "maison de Tourisme" in Bouillon.

Rochehaut 5 km:
A viewpoint over Frahan, touristic train through a zoo, horse-drawn carriage, agricultural museum, playground, brewery, some shops, cosy terraces and restaurants.

Corbion 5 km:
Pharmacy, tobacco museum (the Semois area is well known for its cigars).

Alle 10 km:
Ardois'Alle slate quarry, Récéalle is a recreational centre with mini golf, bowling, bouncer, segways, mbt's, kayak's, terrace, restaurant,...

Bouillon 12 km:
Known for the first crusader Godfrey of Bouillon, who's castle you can still visit. Multiple times a day you can watch a falconry show at the caste as well. Touristic village with many restaurants, bars with terraces, shops, touristic train, pedalo, musea, zoo, karting,....
Sunday morning market.

Botassart 15 km:
View over Tombeau du Géant (tomb of the giant).

Sedan 20 km:
The largest stronghold of Europe is located in Sedan and is a beautiful place to visit. The city itself is an old industrial city. Every Wednesday morning and Saturday morning there is an indoor market in the hall.
Swimming pool (swimming cap and tight swimming trunks compulsory).

Bertrix 23 km:
Au coeur de l'ardoise, in the heart of the slate, a slate quarry you can visit.
Indoor swimming pool (swimming cap and tight swimming trunks compulsory).
Outdoor adventure park Cap nature.

Charleville-Mezieres 40 km:
A lovely French city worth to visit. Just in front of the city you will find the CORA (exit 8), this is a huge supermarket surrounded by many other big shops.

Transinne 40 km:
Euro Space Centre.

Han 50 km:
The caves of Han and wildlife park, nature as an attraction.

Bastogne 50 km:
Especially worth mentioning is the Bastogne War museum next to the war monument. The town square contains a tank and is surrounded by cosy terraces and restaurants.

There are plenty of other activities and sightings in the area, you can find more information on the campsite.